Kraner Family Dentistry Installs Dental Veneers for St. Charles County Residents

Dental Veneers Are Available in St. Charles County from Kraner Family Dentistry

If you have your teeth are in poor shape and you are considering dental veneers or implants, instead of dentures or another procedure to resolve your problem, then Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville can offer veneers in St. Charles County as one of several possible solutions to your particular problem. Dr. Matthew Kraner, D.D.S., along with a caring, professional staff of dental assistants are here to help and to offer a variety of solutions to resolve patient dental problems. We offer our clients a range of dental services including cosmetic dentistry options and restorative dentistry procedures that may be useful for your particular dental situation.

Are Porcelain Veneers for St. Charles Area Patients the Best Option?

Porcelain veneers are a popular solution to a range of dental problems including damage to teeth, accidental damage, difficult discolorations (cosmetic), misaligned teeth or even spacing issues and other specific problems. Many of the problems that veneers are used to rectify may have been the result of a lifetime of wear-and-tear on your teeth, misalignments as adult teeth replaced baby teeth, or from something as pronounced as trauma and damage from sports, a fall or even a car wreck. The individual reasons are as varied as each and every patient who is considering veneers as a solution to resolving cosmetic, aesthetic or even traumatic issues with teeth and/or appearance.

At Kraner Family Dentistry, we will gladly discuss a patient’s particular request and/or need for a particular procedure. If the reasons are purely aesthetic, you may want to consider less permanent options such as professional-grade teeth whitening dental services at your dentist’s office or even effective, high-quality teeth whitening treatments at home with trays and whiteners available from your dentist.

For patients with damaged teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, very noticeable misalignments or other problems, we will gladly perform veneer installations, but you should realize that clear braces may achieve some results, while veneers, dental implants or bridges or partial dentures may require some extractions depending upon your situation.

Veneers May Be the Solution to Your Dental Problem(s)

Once you have had a chance to review your treatment options and you are likely to opt for porcelain veneers at our St. Charles County office in Wentzville, you can expect veneers to chance the appearance of your teeth and smile. Dental veneers are made of either porcelain or a resin composite that will strengthen and enhance your teeth. Many patients find that composite resin or porcelain veneers are the answer for that elusive, perfect smile.

Dental veneers can alter, cover up, or provide a solution to the following general dental problems:

  • Excessively stained or discolored teeth that are difficult to treat even with professional-grade teeth whiteners
  • Chipped, broken our worn down (ground down) teeth—from trauma, like sporting accidents, or from decades of use
  • Misaligned, irregularly shaped or incorrectly shaped teeth which are likely the result of misaligned teeth growth during your teen years
  • Excessive spacing between teeth due to improper alignment or growth during your teen years
  • Teeth straightening during adulthood when braces in the teen years may have resolved the issue
  • Resolving issues of overcrowded teeth or too narrow spacing—problems arising as adult teeth grow
  • Learn about cosmetic dentistry services
  • Learn about restorative dentistry services
  • For more information about these and other procedures, please review Kraner Family Dentistry’s informational videos

Your porcelain of composite resin veneers are available in a variety of natural shades. It is important to pick a shade that you will be happy with since veneers are a relatively permanent solution for these problems. For more drastic cosmetic dentistry issues, such as missing teeth, Kraner Family Dentistry offers restorative dentistry solutions including: tooth-colored fillings, composites/dental bonding, dental crowns, dental implants, bridges, partial bridges or full sets of dentures.

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We recommend that anyone considering veneers in St. Charles County or in communities nearby contact Kraner Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment and to discuss your options. If you choose to opt for veneers or dental implants, we can perform the procedures at our office. You may call us locally at 636-856-5274 to schedule appointment for yourself or a family member, or register for an appointment online!

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