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Residents of Lake St. Louis, are you suffering from TMJ? Then choose a dentist near Lake St. Louis in Wentzville, Missouri, with considerable experience treating TMJ/TMD. For individuals not very familiar with TMJ/TMD and related pain, "TMJ" refers to Tempro Mandibular Joint, or the jaw joint, and Tempro Muscle Disorder (TMD) is associated with several distinct and painful symptoms resulting from the misalignment of the mandibular joint and/or associated pain from tightened or clenched muscles associated with jaw movement.

Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville, MO, are local dentists experienced with treating TMJ/TMD in patients from Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, O’Fallon, New Melle, throughout St. Charles County and nearby counties. As your local dentist, Dr. Matthew Kraner, D.D.S., along with a caring professional staff, can offer examinations to determine if you have TMJ/TMD and help develop a treatment regimen to help you manage and eventually, hopefully alleviate the pain that you are undoubtedly suffering.

You may contact Kraner Family Dentistry, call us locally in Wentzville at (636) 856-5274, or set up an appointment online—it is quick and convenient. Of course, prospective patients are welcome to stop by our dental office in Wentzville to set up an appointment.

Identifying TMJ and TMJ Symptoms with the Help of an Experienced Dentist

Misalignment of TMJ and associated muscles may be caused by several factors including an accident or facial trauma, such as a fall or sports accident, that may have pushed the joint out of proper alignment, or TMD and resulting pain could be the result of clenching or grinding teeth, which may have a variety of causes, stress, injured muscles or even disc dislocation or other spinal misalignment problems. The result of these underlying problems may be diagnosed by your experienced TMJ dentist for the Lake St. Louis area, and a resulting treatment plan may be started after the identification of misalignments in muscles, teeth or even nerves affecting the joint.

TMJ/TMD is a problem that you should have identified by a dentist. TMD affects all jaw movements associated with biting, chewing, swallowing, speaking and even many facial expressions. The symptoms related to this problem are wide ranging. If you have multiple symptoms with no apparent or distinct cause, please contact a TMJ dentist near your home around Lake St. Louis for a consultation and exam.

Some of the symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD include:

  • Headaches, particularly if you were not prone to headaches earlier in life
  • Jaw joint pain in one or both joints (to the back of your lower jaw near the ears)
  • Audible joint noises when moving your lower jaw, noise such as a pop, a click, or resulting from grinding teeth
  • Sensitive teeth, particularly towards the back of the mouth
  • Sensitive facial muscles, particularly around your jaw joints
  • Ear congestion or difficult to diagnose pain in your ears or near the jaw joints
  • Restricted movement when opening your mouth (lacking full extension)
  • Vertigo issues or general dizziness not associated with other medical problems or medications
  • Loosening teeth without a noticeable reason such as poor hygiene, gum diseases or trauma
  • General soreness in your head or neck muscles or very tight neck muscles
  • Learn more about TMJ/TMD and TMJ headaches

Once we have performed a careful evaluation of your teeth, your bite, (the positioning of teeth when touching) and the associated muscles, we can work with you do develop a treatment plan.

Experienced TMJ Dentists for Lake St. Louis and St. Charles County Residents

Kraner Family Dentistry is a full-service dental office (review our patient dental services). We provide our patients with a wide range of options to many common dental issues and problems. We strive to offer patients the latest dental service techniques and solutions for problems such as the pain associated with TMJ/TMD. As your TMJ dentists for Lake St. Louis in Wentzville, we will help identify your underlying problem(s) and develop a treatment plan to help resolve your TMD and to deal with the associated pain and other problems.

Contact Kraner Family Dentistry today to set up an appointment for a first visit to discuss the likelihood of TMJ/TMD issues. You may reach us at 636-887-3005 to schedule an appointment, or set up an appointment online—it is really easy and convenient! We offer our patients extended office hours on some weekdays to accommodating working individuals or parents with children.

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