Teeth Whitening in O’Fallon: Our Office or Your Home

Teeth Whitening can make you Look Years Younger

The number of teeth whitening products available today is staggering. How can you tell what is right and safe for you? Let the professionals at Kraner Family Dentistry, just up I-70 from O’Fallon, help you select the teeth whitening product that will provide the best results for your specific situation. Not all teeth are the same, and neither are teeth whitening products.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that patients see a dentist prior to teeth whitening. At Kraner Family Dentistry, we off solutions that will brighten your teeth up to four shades.

Teeth Whitening In Our Office

  • Fast teeth whitening in one day
  • Custom trays molded to fit your mouth
  • Touch up kit for maintaining your beautiful smile in the future

Teeth Whitening At Home

  • Trays that are custom molded to fit your mouth
  • Perform your teeth whitening in the comfort of your home when it’s convenient for you
  • After just five days, you’ll see a brighter, whiter smile

Teeth Whitening is nothing new; the people of ancient Rome used various methods of teeth whitening as well. When administered by a trained professional, teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to look younger and bring the sparkle back to your smile.

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Whiten Your Teeth for a Big Event or Simply for Yourself

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a reunion, going for that big job interview, or you simply want to look the best you can, call us today to schedule your consultation. Get that dazzling smile back. Teeth whitening solutions near O’Fallon are available from Kraner Family Dentistry.

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