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Options in Cosmetic Dentistry for O’Fallon Residents

Residents of O’Fallon have a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options. Kraner Family Dentistry offers services as a cosmetic dentist for O’Fallon residents, as well as, for patients throughout St. Charles County and residents of nearby towns, communities and counties. If you have been looking for a good cosmetic dentist for a variety of services or procedures, you are quite welcome to visit Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville, MO. Dr. Matthew Kraner, D.D.S., and a caring professional staff, offer a variety of options to meet cosmetic needs including teeth whitening, clear braces, restorative dental procedures, dentures, dental implants, high quality porcelain veneers and other solutions to common problems. Whether you have complex cosmetic dentistry requirements or simple problems that can be rectified in a visit or two, we are here to help.

You may contact Kraner Family Dentistry, call us at (636) 856-5274, or set up an appointment online—it is quick and convenient. You are welcome to stop by the office in Wentzville and set up an appointment as well.

Full-Service Dentistry from Cosmetic Dentists for O’Fallon and St. Charles Residents

As part of our full-service dentist’s office, your cosmetic dentists for O’Fallon and St. Charles County residents at Kraner Family Dentistry offer a wide range of state-of-the-art dental technology solutions and general dental services for all ages. If you have complicated dental issues we can offer cosmetic dentistry services, solutions for teeth damaged in accidents or from wear-and-tear including restorative dentistry services, orthodontic services and even children’s dental services to ensure that teeth growth is normal and to rectify alignment problems as they might arise.

As your full-service dental office, we offer a variety of general dental services, which include treating various gum disease issues, offering general check-ups and periodic dental hygiene services, preventative care measures, low level radiography (digital X-rays) or even oral cancer screenings.

Experienced Cosmetic Dentist for O’Fallon Residents

Kraner Family Dentistry is a full-service dental office. We provide patients a wide range of options to many common dental issues and problems and offer patients the latest in dental service techniques and solutions.

At Kraner Family Dentistry, some of the cosmetic dentistry-related services that we offer includes:

  • General cosmetic dentistry solutions (many of which are also restorative dental procedures) including a wide range of options:
    • Dental composites/dental bonding, which is generally used for repairing cracked or chipped teeth
    • Dental crowns to protect weak or damaged teeth
    • Dental implants
    • Dental bridges or partial dentures
    • Dentures, partial dentures or complete sets
    • Porcelain veneers with a variety of shading options
    • Teeth whitening services including service options at our office or take-home trays and teeth whitening solutions
  • Orthodontic services, dental braces are the most common solutions, and we offer popular alternatives to traditional metal braces including Invisalign®
  • Clear Braces and Six Month Smiles®
  • Additional restorative dental procedures including: Onlays and Inlays, and teeth-straightening services
  • Root canals, teeth extractions, restorations and implants as necessary
  • And many additional patient dental services

Visit Your Cosmetic Dentist near O’Fallon, Kraner Family Dentistry

Contact Kraner Family Dentistry to set up an appointment for your first visit, or for a family member or child. You may call us locally in Wentzville at (636) 856-5274 to schedule an appointment as well, or set up an appointment online—it is really convenient and easy to do! We offer our patient later hours and extended hours so you can arrange an appointment that does not interfere with work or a child’s school time and/or activities.

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