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If you have been looking for a kid-friendly dental office, the best kids' dentist and staff in St. Charles County are in Wentzville, MO! Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville, MO, invites parents and their children to come in and visit our office, conveniently located in Wentzville. Dr. Matthew Kraner, D.D.S. and the kid-friendly staff are here to help from infants, to toddlers, children, teens and to treat family members of all ages. We strive to make our office convenient for parents and comfortable of kids. We even have videos to help teach children about good oral hygiene, and with early hours and extended evening hours, parents have convenient office hours to bring in kids and teens during hectic workdays.

We realize that anyone, particularly overtaxed parents, can use a break, and that is where our flexible appointment scheduling throughout the week is a great benefit. Kraner Family Dentistry offers typical weekday business hours with extended or later hours during the week. We are here to help and accommodating parents with flexible hours is one of the reasons why we think we are the best, St. Charles area, kids' dentist office. Whether you need to bring your toddler into the dentist for the first visit (review our dental services for kids), or you are looking for a dentist to accommodate the entire family, we can help.

Contact Kraner Family Dentistry, the best St. Charles kids' dentist office, or give us a call at 636-856-5274 to set up an appointment.

Dental Services for Toddlers, Kids and the Entire Family

At Kraner Family Dentistry, we realize how important it is for toddlers and young children to start off on a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene care and habits. It is important for parents to train kids in proper dental care techniques for a healthy life. We offer regular checkups, help dealing with teething and dealing with baby teeth and then adult teeth in the teens. A proper daily dental regimen complemented with regular dental office visits will help ensure normal teeth development. When problems begin early in life, frequently braces, dental procedures, extractions or other more drastic steps may be necessary later in life. Help get your kid on the right track with regular assistance from the best, St. Charles kids dentists located in Wentzville.

We recommend that parents review our general dental services and ask any questions you have dental care for kids of all ages. Some of our applicable services for kids may include:

  • Children's dentistry services covering all age groups
  • Friendly staff and environment for kids, toddlers and early teens
  • Exams/dental exams for infants, toddlers and children to deal with any issues related to gums, developing baby teeth, teething problems issues and any gum decay, malformed tooth growth or other issues
  • Convenient extended hours during the week for appointments before or after school
  • Answering parent's questions about general dental care, teething, how to teach children proper dental hygiene care, about the onset of adult teeth and common problems, or any dental, gum and mouth care questions that you have
  • Instructing young kids and older children with age-appropriate videos
  • Setting up a regular exam schedule for your child—the ADA recommends infants/toddlers start dental care by age one and we recommend that kids have dental appointments every six months thereafter
  • Low level radiography (X-ray) to properly monitor teeth growth and detect developmental problems (particularly when teething)
  • Dental bonding and/or composite bonding is available to fix problems caused by injuries, minor accidents or cracked, chipped teeth or minor damage you might expect from play or sports in the teen years; we also place dental crowns when necessary to protect or strengthen weakened teeth
  • Orthodontic services including teeth straightening services—it is common for kids to need braces and we offer the latest options in dental braces including popular brands of clear braces that can help fix gaps or misaligned teeth
  • Restorative dentistry services as required

As your choice for the best St. Charles kids' dentist, we also provide preventative dentistry services for minor problems, treat gingivitis, gum problems, periodontal disease or other common problems.

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Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville offers extended service hours for throughout the week to help parents out. We realize it is difficult to take off work or take time off from school. We accommodate parents with later hours throughout the week (review our website's contact page for hours and directions). 'r convenience, you can set up an appointment online or contact Kraner Family Dentistry (636-856-5274) to ask about an available hours for your family. You can reach us by email at: [email protected].

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