Dentist for Teeth Whitening near Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Lake St. Louis Residents, Teeth Whitening Is Available at Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville

Adults looking for teeth whitening in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, have the option of this service and other cosmetic dentistry services nearby in Wentzville at Kraner Family Dentistry. Kraner Family Dentistry is a full-service dentist’s office that offers a wide range of general cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Matthew Kraner, D.D.S., has many years of family practice and extensive experience in general dentistry services, as well as experience with the latest, state-of-the-art dental solutions for problems that almost anyone will face during his/her lifetime.

New patients or current patients may schedule an appointment by contacting Kraner Family Dentistry, you can register for an appointment online—it is quite easy and convenient! You may call Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville at 636-856-5274. We offer convenient hours throughout the week including some days with early morning hours and/or extended afternoon/evening hours to accommodate our working families.

More than Just Teeth Whitening for Our Lake St. Louis Patients

Kraner Family Dentistry offers teeth whitening services for Lake St. Louis residents, as wells as for any of our patients. Of course, you have options at our office. You can choose teeth whitening services or more permanent solutions to discolored or damaged teeth. We offer basic dental hygiene services, teeth whitening services, in-home whitening solutions, or you can choose periodic teeth cleaning and teeth whitening services at our office near Lake St. Louis. These basic options are designed to brighten teeth by as much as four standard shades. Before spending money on questionable, over-the-counter products, consult a dentists about the effectiveness of various commercially-available solutions.

For in-office treatment, residents of Lake St. Louis can opt for teeth whitening by our staff, or choose quicker cleaning options than home products. We can apply faster-acting teeth whiteners, and provide you with custom-fitting whitening tray(s) for use at the office, home or for later touch-ups. We can offer proven teeth whitening products that you can use at home. Initially, we will fit your teeth with a whitening tray, which is custom-molded for your mouth. We will show you how to use the tray and the whitener for the best results. Frequently, patients will begin to notice improved color within about five days after starting treatment.

There are many procedures available for “teeth whitening” including more permanent options including veneers or even dentures if you require having many teeth pulled, or have already lost teeth.

A partial list of cosmetic dentistry solutions includes:

  • General cleaning, dental care and oral hygiene services will result in some teeth whitening
  • Dental Onlays and/or Inlays if necessary
  • Porcelain veneers are a more permanent solutions to damaged or failing teeth and are available in various shades
  • Restorative dentistry services may include complete dentures, partial dentures (partials), dental bridges, or techniques for one or a small number of teeth; these options include dental bonding/dental composites to fix chips, crack and deformations; installing dental crowns can strengthen and protect weakened teeth while offering a whiter appearance
  • Tooth-colored fillings with a color match offer a “whiter” color in most instances
  • Learn more about Kraner Family Dentistry’s services

Visit Kraner Family Dentistry in Wentzville for Teeth Whitening near Lake St. Louis

We want every patient to feel free to discuss any dental issues with our staff. Whether you just need a local dental office for teeth whitening near your home in Lake St. Louis, or it is time to consider permanent measures, you are welcome at office. We provide dental services to patients of all ages, and we have customers from St. Charles County and communities nearby.

You may register for an appointment online—it is convenient; or contact Kraner Family Dentistry to schedule teeth whitening services or other dental services. You may call us locally in Wentzville at 636-856-5274.

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