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Troy Children’s Dentists Set Expectations for a Lifetime

The Children's Dentists at Kraner Family Dentistry Near Troy Understand the Challenges

From your infant or toddler's first dental checkup to defining the dental hygiene habits of your youngster for a lifetime, the children's dentists at Kraner Family Dentistry near Troy understand the importance of creating a comfortable, secure and pain-free environment. It's normal for children to be a little nervous during their first visit to the dentist. But putting those worries to rest and making your child feel good about seeing the dentist is our mission.

“It was Trenton's first visit and he was so nervous but once he started talking [the hygienist] he was calm and did a great job. He can't wait to go back! Thanks Brooke & Dr. Kraner!” —Kaitlin B. May 4, 2013

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Our Children's Dentists Cover All Your Needs

Children can face a number of dental concerns throughout their growing up years, and the children's dentists at Kraner Family Dental can address them quickly and efficiently, limiting the impact and getting your child's oral health on track. We're close to Troy, and easy to find.

Some of the services we offer with children in mind are:

  • X-rays (using 80% less radiation than traditional radiology)
  • Instructional videos on oral hygiene for children
  • Exams to monitor teething in infants and toddlers
  • General teeth cleaning and preventative services
  • Charting and diagnostics

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children see a dentist by age one year. We welcome children of any age, and believe that it's never too early to begin monitoring the growth of your child's teeth.

We treat many families from Troy at Kraner Family Dentistry. And we offer extended hours in the evening and early mornings to make it convenient for working parents.

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